Column Weirdness in 10.49.0

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Is anyone else seeing strange spacing with the columns in Jamf policies now? When I go to scope a computer to a policy, each column is not very wide, making the display for one computer be on multiple lines. Am I missing something that would allow for sorting this or extending the column size?

This is what my machine looks like in that view... the MAC address takes up three lines... the username (only 8 characters max at our site) takes up two lines... the Serial Number takes up two lines... the OS Build takes up two lines. For folks with longer full names, it can take up to 8 lines (highest I've seen but possibly more).

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 9.56.00 AM.png

We did not have this same display in 10.47 and we skipped 10.48. I can adjust the column sizes here, but they reset to this as soon as I open the screen in another policy.


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Upgraded my Dev environment to 10.49.


I can confirm I'm seeing the same using Safari and Firefox.
Do not see a way to save settings in user profile nor Inventory display.

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Is this actually a new problem? Our production server is on 10.47 and I see the same issue, and as far as I can tell, it's a problem in earlier releases as well. Maybe in 10.49 the columns are even narrower. That's a possibility. But in general this has been a pet peeve of mine with the product for years. The columns display in seemingly arbitrary widths and refuse to stick to any width you set them to. I don't really see why Jamf can't make it so the widths auto resize to accommodate the longest width of any piece of data per column, or at least auto resize to a point.

I also hate that we can't effectively order the columns in reports how we want them. There is a long and 'painstaking' way to do it, but Jamf should give us some nice GUI oriented way to order them the way we want.

The columns have always been bad, but this is much worse. Everything in this new UI is horrible, IMO, but this is almost unusable. I am fine with having to scroll over to see things instead of the columns cutting things to a new line at like 5 characters. 🙁

I hate saying this, but I feel like Jamf makes changes no one asked for that make the product worse. And if you need something fixed or added, that's never on the roadmap.

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I don't disagree with that assessment. I'm not sure why they make some of the changes they do sometimes. There's probably some "performance" related reason to most of them, but we shouldn't be trading usability for a small performance boost if that's the case.

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Thank you both! I'm just glad I'm not missing something that would "fix" it or at least bring it back to its "normal" horrible column width lol!

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We got got our upgrade over the weekend and I was saddened to see that I can't resize any columns anywhere any more. Don't get me started on the contrast getting worse. Every single time they try to tweak the UI, they make it worse in more ways than one.

I have to agree. The UI changes are just changes and never improvements - did any users actually ask for this stuff? I also have to question if Jamf has any type of UX team at all. The smaller dashboard boxes are ok until you get something with a non-standard name length at which point it does all sorts of strange stretching and wrapping, and the highlighting stuff in that weird greenish box is very odd and changes the spacing on my screen.

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We're actually having a slowness problem after our Jamf Pro instance got updated to 10.49.

It loads for a while (also a full minute) the welcome Dashboard, same for the policies and configuration profiles.

Are you also experiencing the same issue?

@trull_sengar - We haven't seen any additional slowness (dashboard is always slow, in my opinion, but I also keep a lot on it) with policies or configuration profiles. We are on-prem, though, and most folks are cloud, so our experience may not be entirely the same.