Easiest way to set hot corners (10.11) via policy and/or script?

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Hi, I have been tasked with figuring out how to assign 4 hot corners (bl=launchpad, br=screensaver, ul=application windows, ur-notification center), and haven't really gotten anywhere. All of our users are on some flavor of 10.11 currently.

Coming from a hardware/end user background (ACMT), scripting is probably one of my weakest points. I've been using and administering our JSS for a while, and feel comfortable creating, editing and consolidating policies.

Any thoughts or advice on how I can get this goal accomplished? I realize I will probably want to get scripting under my belt at some point, and any/add feedback will be appreciated.



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Take a test machine and configure it the way you require it. I've a script as part of my CIS Security Standards GitHub that reads those values and looks to see if the screen saver disable has been set. You can probably modify it to your needs.


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I configure these settings via a custom payload in a configuration profile. The domain/key pairs are the ones listed in the script provided by @franton. To determine the integer value of each setting, I just manually configured them, quit System Preferences, and used defaults read com.apple.dock | grep 'wvous.*corner' to get the values.

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@franton Obviously digging in the past here for some answers on this. We have been asked to make sure devices do not have "Disable Screen Saver" option enabled for any Hot Corner. I am testing your script from the link provided. It does remove that setting if applied. However, after a reboot or dock kill and reload, all of the saved dock icons/shortcuts are gone. macOS Mojave.

Thoughts? Info?
Thank you.