Editing and Deleting Saved Searches in 7.3

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The question from Jeff this morning prompts this email, it's purely

I scratched my head for about 10-15 minutes one night trying to figure out
how to delete a saved search I already had.

I first went to Inventory Options, but it's not there.

If you look at the saved search list there are gray triangles next to them,
that expands options to Edit and Delete those searches.

It's not covered in the current documentation that I could find, and JAMF is
now aware of that.

Just thought I'd pass that on to save people time. Finding it just didn't
jump out at me for some reason.

Another subtle location change from 7.2 to 7.3.

Craig E


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Another heads up - lookup GSX info is now under inventory searches as well. Took me awhile to find that.

With this change, there's no more easy prompt to only run GSX lookup on machines who don't have warranty data in the system, so you either run it on all machines or run it based on groups.

I have a smart group set for records with no Applecare ID, so at least I'm not running it on our whole inventory. Unfortunately, at least 1000 of our machines have no applecare ID in the GSX system (but do have warranty expiration dates), so this smart group is also filled with records I've already successfully looked up in GSX.

There is no easy way to search the database for machines with no warranty expiration date, but I asked them to put a feature request in for this.