El Capitan Auto Reconnecting File Shares on Login

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Hello everyone,

I have tried finding another discussion about this behaviour, but not coming up with anything.

Has anyone else noticed, in El Capitan in particular, where network file shares that are on the dock will automatically connect when the user logs in? Sometimes it's all of them, sometimes just one or two.

In a perfect world, everyone would just manually connect to their file shares via the Go menu, but our user base are big fans of having their shares on their dock. ;D

Does anyone know what causes this behaviour, and if it's possible to stop it? I don't fancy changing everyone's dock shortcuts to aliases!


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Their passwords are possibly stored in their keychain.
Try removing any relevant network share password in their keychain (applications/utilities/keychain)
and once that is completed open terminal and run kdestroy command (several times till you get a return confirmation)

It will be hard to educate a user as a best practice to not store their password in keychain, but having a script in place to delete users keychain every so often may alleviate it

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If you have reopen items on login selected and share was open on logout perhaps? You know that prompt you get the first time you logout that everyone immediately sets to no :)

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Thanks @MaCaDmIn82 - completely forgot to mention that the Macs are bound to AD and the users are logging in with their AD accounts. So there's some Kerberos authentication at play here.

And thanks @Look - know exactly what you mean with that tick box, but in testing it to recreate it, the tick box has always been un-ticked I'm afraid!

Also, not sure if this helps, but these are AFP shares, which are on Windows servers running Acronis AccessConnect.