Email members of a smart group

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So does anyone know of a way to mass email members of a smart group?

I am aware of the checkbox "Send email notification on membership change", but form my understanding, that only works when the user has an account on the JSS and they have enabled email notifications.

Just was looking for a way to possibly do an automated email to members of a smart group.

Make a smart group for iPads that have not checked in 5+ days, then have an automated email sent out to members of that smart group.

I'm sure that some script has already been made to do this kind of thing. Has anyone done anything like this?


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Actually, to my understanding, the Send email notification action doesn't rely on the user having an imported JSS account. Only that the device(s) in the Smart Group or from an advanced search, etc. has some user information synced to it that includes an email address. So you should be able to use that functionality.

Outside of this, there's always the old method once discussed here about using the unix mail command to have a policy run on the Macs in the Smart Group and send the email to themselves.
See here for what I'm talking about:

EDIT: Sorry, I slightly misread your post. You are correct that the Email notification on group change function does require that the user has an account in the JSS and the option checked for their account. I thought you were referring to the manual "Action" method, i.e, pull up the group membership in the JSS, then click "Action" and choose the Send an email option. Screenshots attached.

Edit 2: I also didn't see you were talking about iOS devices and not Macs. My bad. The scripts referenced on the links above won't be much help since you can't make a script run on an iOS device. Your only option may be the Action > Send an Email process.