Enable Pop-up for Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox

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We have training that we have to take as an employee for compliance purposes and this training requires that pop-ups be allowed for a specific URL. Otherwise, the user is prompted to allow the pop-up. This happens for all three browsers - Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox. Is there a script we can use to deploy to macs to automatically allow pop-ups from this URL?

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A configuration profile might be your best route. Chromium browsers (or at least Google Chrome and Edge that I know of) use the preference PopupsAllowedForUrls which would be place in the com.google.Chrome.plist profile which you could modify and upload as a configuration profile.

Firefox has setting for their configuration profile.

Another alternative would be to configure the browser(s) and use Composer to capture the application for deployment with your configured settings.

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Checking in on how best to implement this. I'm not understanding how to make the config profile with the DefaultPopupsSetting option.