End of school year best practices 1-1

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I know it's a little early but... I'm curious on what you guys do at the end of the school year with users and student iPads in the JSS. Every year we would collect all student iPads and wipe them for next year. That would get rid of all the junk and apps they no longer need. We do not allow them to restore a backup the following year as we want the iPads to start fresh. If they need any content off the iPads before we wipe them we help them do that. That was with configurator. Now with Casper handling everything I'm not entirely sure we need to do that. All students 4-12 are 1-1 and set up through DEP and assigned apps with VPP.

What I am really curious on is what you plan to do with the users and devices in the JSS. Will you delete all student users and start fresh? Do you delete all the student iPads out of the JSS (not prestage) and when they enroll next year they start as new? Or do you just leave everything as is and update what needs updated? We had some minor issues with the position field not updating from ldap this year when students enrolled so they were still in the old groups. Made some changes and got that all fixed but it might be nice to start fresh next school year as it's been 3 years now. I believe the students will need to re-link with VPP next year anyway so I'm not sure how much I will be out by deleting the users.

Please share what you do or plan to do at the end of the year.


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I am probably doing things differently than most people, but we are using District owned Apple ID's that the students don't know the password to. Each apple id is assigned a device and site. With that we just check in the iPads at the end of the year, wipe them, re-setup again to the site but with only the default apps and get ready to check them out again to students.

Everything students do they have been told to keep in Google Drive otherwise they risk losing their work.


I only collect the iPads from those students leaving, if they are coming back they get to take the iPads home for the summer. (They are still responsible for them.) If they break them, or lose them, or they decide to leave school, they don't get any transcripts (usually works.)

If/when they run out of space, I tell them to delete files and apps they don't need. They usually (eventually) work out how to do that.