End user remote access possible?

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I can remote in to any of the machines with Casper remote, but is there a way to allow the employees to access their Mac machine in the office when they are home (sick, blizzard, etc..) and need access to apps on their computer here.
Before Capser we used logmein and all the machines where on my master account and then I invited each employees to have access to only their own computer. This worked great, but I can't do that now without going to each new Mac and reinstalling logmein, it also seems redundant and not needed any longer. The employees could use Screen sharing or remote desktop but how do I do that through our NAT firewall? Everyone can't connect to the one public IP. Logmein accomplishes this by the machine calls home to logmein servers that setup a "tunnel" for each machine. Is there a way in Casper to setup users that only have access to certain computers and features of Casper Remote? Am I missing something obvious with screen sharing/RDP/VNC?


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Have them use VPN on their personal computer and give them instructions to screen share to their work computer.

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You could try Back to My Mac, but otherwise yeah, do you have a VPN concentrator? Alternatively, set up VPN on OS X Server (will require some firewall configuration) and have them VPN into your network, then screen share into their machine. Can even do it from a PC, if you set up a VNC password or use something like Nulana Remotix for Windows.