No new tab in OS X configuration profiles

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Hi All
Can you please help me i got 3 problem in casper at this moment
1)in the computer>configuration profiles> there is no NEW tab in the gray banner. May i know is there some configure i missed?
2)Cant’ connect the timemachine at mac startup but manual connect is ok. Which Mac connected to LAN cable
3)Managed Preference can’t apply to managed computer For the #3 issue the management tab of the managed MAC machine
The managed preferences is 0 in scope.I have tried for configuration profiles and policies which can be shown in scope
So that I believe none of the managed preferences setting can be apply to the specify managed machine


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Looks like this accidentally got filed as a feature request at first, and @nessts responded there. We're deleting the feature request, but I want to make sure the response doesn't get lost:

"Read your administration guide, this is off the top of my head and its early
1. you need to setup Push certificates, enable certificate based auth, and enable push notifications under computer settings
2. not sure what time machine has to do with the JSS or Casper
3. see #1"

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Hi, just to throw my comments in...

  1. That's my experience as well. It's greyed out until you have carried out those two steps. If Macs are already deployed you may have to do a bit of work to get them to be MDM capable (I've had issues in the past enabling MDM after the devices are enrolled).
  2. I'm also stumped on that one. Might need a bit more info on the symptom you're experiencing with Time machine
  3. Configuration Profiles do have the additional pre-reqs in point 1 but I remember managed preferences being ready to go. Are you sure the Mac you're looking at is in scope tab of the specific managed preference? On a side note, if you're getting the management settings set up from scratch, I would suggest trying to stick with configuration profiles. The managed preferences part of the JSS is more for backward compatibility and older OSes.

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I wish there was an easy way to Replace an existing push certificate (i.e. upgrading hardware) than to delete the existing one and then re-add it, because when you delete the push cert, it turns off certificate-based auth and push certs automatically. Have had more than one client contact me with this issue and realize what happened when I ask them if they replaced their push certs...