Endpoint Anti Virus recommendations

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We are currently using Sophos Endpoint and it sucks. Please can anyone recommend a good Endpoint? considerations
- Easy to deploy with policy
-day zero releases


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I'm happily using Cylance. However, it does tend to be on the more expensive side. What's the issue with Sophos? I haven't used them in about 3 years.

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@dtekum look once more into Jamf Protect. Recent additions from last month may align closer to what you get on other products, then definitely day zero releases are to be expected by Jamf.

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Problem with Sophos
- No Day zero releases
- a lot of false-positive alerts
- Sales team takes like forever to respond to emails
- The Boss does not like it*
- pricing

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Sophos was the cat's meow on this forum not too long ago.

I'm hoping jamf|PROTECT matures and puts all these third party cash grab companies out of business.



I'm looking for options too as Symantec tend to crash a LOT on OS X 10.15.X (bootloop due to a kext crash).

Since 10.16 is around the corner and kextless won't be optionnal, I'm looking for options, but so far only Jamf Protect is compliant "but" since I have to admin some PC too it wont make the cut.


Sophos is functionally pretty good and seems to work well in a shared PC and Mac environment, however we have seen many issues with it using a large amount of resources and rendering our 2016 Macbook Pros pretty much useless if a scan occurs or an update drops, although this might be the case with a number of endpoint protection tools on Mac.

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Has anyone tried Jamf Protect, will it be a good decision to switch to it?