Enforce updates on VMware Fusion application

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I'm looking for a method to enforce updates on VMware Fusion. The users get prompts but they don't always follow them to update. I've been pushing out updates as PKG files of the new version but I'd prefer to not have to keep making those with our key inside. Looking for a plist method similar to Office for Mac where the autoupdater is instructed to install updates without user interaction. Anyone solved this problem yet?

Thanks in advance.


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where do you get the update pkg for VMware from? to update a client from like 10.15 to 10.15.3 etc.

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@jkryklywec I don't recall the early versions, but VMware hasn't released updates as .pkgs for any recent versions. Or a .pkg for the full release for that matter. I just use AutoPkg with AutoPkgr to automate downloads of Fusion releases and creating .pkgs out of them.


I use autoPKG to get updates. If your not using AutoPKG and the GUI AutoPKGR it worth the time to learn it.

I get the Fusion update in pkg from this, deploy and the next time Fusion restarts its updated

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@ScottSimmons @sdagley i am new to autopkg and have no idea how to create and use the package to update the third-party apps. Please help me

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@sk8559 AutoPkg, and the AutoPkgr GUI for it have been covered in several different presentations you'll find online. A good one to start with is Jamf and AutoPKG from JNUC 2019.