Enforced update feature with MacOS Sonoma via configuration profile

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Hi all, 

Updates of MacOS via Jamf have pretty much been broken for some time and is very apparent from the hundreds of posts about this on various forums. It is very much hit or miss whether the deployment of updates works across the estate causing a headache for admins who need to ensure devices are updated.


Unfortunately Jamf 10 does not yet support all the new features that Sonoma has to offer (scheduled for Jamf 11 from what i've read) in particular the ability to enforce software updates by a certain date and time and users get additional information in System Settings when an update is requested and when it's enforced.


Has anyone been able to create a configuration profile to enforce updates by a deadline with the behaviour that Sonoma has to offer?.


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@jamf_pro_admin The enforced update, and minimum macOS version allowed for enrollment, features of macOS Sonoma utilize Declarative Device Management to set the configuration, not the old style Configuration Profile mechanism, so you'll need Jamf Pro 11 to support them.

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What about the jamf pro api managed-software-updates beta features involving Managed Software Update Plans?

Anybody try those out?