Enrolling mobile devices as plain user, and using MUT after to assign to the user

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Very soon (most likely next week) our order of 1300 iPads will be arriving.

We require user authentication for enrollment. The Jamf server is tied to Microsoft Active Directory
I will be creating a new PreStage. In there I will be skipping enrollment screens and forcing device name (schoolprefix-%serialnumber%)

Our student usernames and passwords are a series of letters and numbers (so not super easy to type on the glass).

Can I use MUT to update the device record?

Fill in the following columns from the template:
Mobile Device Serial
Real Name

and this would work like magic...?

Is there a way to display %Real Name% %Building% on the home screen as a profile, and then turn that profile off?
Years ago I used the %DeviceName% for this.