Enrollment Broken?

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Hi Everyone,

There appears to be no end to the problems introduced with iOS 8.x ........

We have a ".local" domain which i know causes conflicts and issues under iOS 8 , anyway i've managed to get that sorted for the time being.

We have one user with a new iPad Air running iOS 8.1.1 who needs Self Service on their iPad (Their device needs to be enrolled). Even though we can load the enrollment page, it won't authenticate ANY credentials when we click the login button: not theirs, not mine, not the generic iPad account we have, nor the administrator account for the domain.

I have tried restarting our server that runs Casper but the issue persists.

Any suggestions / troubleshooting steps i can do to get the Active Directory authentication working again?




I've got a few thoughts, but they deal with specific setups.

Do you use Device Enrollment Program?

If you do, and since the iPad is so new, you could go the PreStage enrollment route. Make sure your enrollment profile requires MDM with authentication, and check the box to supervise the device under scope and you can wipe the device to enroll it from the setup screens.

The other is filtering. We have a content filter that gives us a hurdle sometimes where it needs to authenticate the user through the filter before specific things are allowed on the device. We have shopping blocked unless authenticated for example so we'll go to some shopping site in safari first to authenticate our AD. I don't know if you have that same time of setup, if so I would authenticate AD in the filter first, and then try to enroll it afterwards.

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We use a Device Enrollment program yes , we also have a content filter , but it authenticates without a prompt "Silently' in the background.

Will update here shortly. Thanks for your suggestion