Enrollment Computer Naming

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What is the best way to name a computer (either from JAMF Attribute or prompt) during Pre-Stage Enrollment? Also I want to put a Directory Bind in which works but I want the names to be unique.


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We don't use directory binding at my company, at present, but instead rely heavily on Inventory Preload.
Whenever we get new computers, we complete the preload with the computer's Asset Tag Number and, if we want to name it specially, put the computer name we want to be permanent in the "BarCode2" field.

I then made a script that runs via policy that will pull the inventory preload, find its serial number and set the computer name to the BarCode2 (if present) or Asset Tag Number.

Would that be of use to you?


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Does "runs on the enrollment trigger" count the same as the Event "Enrollment Complete"? I apologize I'm fairly new to JAMF.