Enrolment of a MacBook

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I'm trying to enroll a MacBook Air 10.7.5 to JSS
I'm a newbie to Casper Suite so a step by step instruction would be great or a link to a help sheet.
I'm running the software from a 10.7.5 server installed on a MacBook Pro (if that helps).
Please do let me know if you need any further info. Thanks in advance!



Have you looked a Page 9 in the QuickStart Guide for Management PDF that comes with the Capser Suite or the Casper Suite 8.6 Administrator's Guide.pdf?

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Ditto: There are several ways to do it. With that said I strongly suggest that you spend a lot of time reading this forum AND the downloadable Casper Administrators Guide assuming that you can't get either a "Jump Start" from casper or some form of formal JAMF certification. Lot's of things are easy to do with the Casper suite... and when I mean Lots of things I meant it. We all watched a school district in Mass nuke a sites worth of computer because they didn't test something simple. In any event: Page 9

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Thanks for the info guys and apologize for the late response. I had been overwhelmed by the numerous information available at the forum and also the good 'ol getting the hands dirty. We are sticking to quick-add package which would be run right after image deployment via Deploy Studio post image script task.