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Does anyone out there use a process or an automated flow to check if DEP enrolment was a success? (including package installs)

We have quite a few apps that we push out on enrolment and rather than manually go through the list of Apps in Finder, it would be nice if there was a script, for example, that would run at the end of the enrolment that brings up a traffic light GREEN or RED screen to say "Yep enrolment was a complete success" or "Nope, App 1, App 5 and App 4 are not installed and the FileVault key is not being reported in Jamf Pro. Do the whole thing again!"

Would be great to hear your solutions/ideas.

Sorry if this was discussed already, my Google-Fu was weak today...


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This is a great idea. It is certainly scriptable. I don't have a script for that but I'll share what I do which has worked great for me & could help you out if nobody has an immediate script or solution available that is more efficient. I hope it helps!

I policy out all of our Zero Touch Applications individually, I use the 'User Interaction' field available in the Policy & I create a complete message saying

"#1 'Application Here' Install Success"

"#2'Application Here' Install Success"

3, 4, 5, etc.

This way, if one fails, it isn't displayed. I'm able to see, oh, #4 didn't install, let me check on that..

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