Ensure DEP prompt appears.

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Hi All,

Im looking for some guidance on the DEP enrolment .. Currently we are enrolling and imaging successfully while in the office but.. when we deploy and mac to a user in there home office its hit or miss that get the DEP prompt when the mac is unboxed .
Im wondering if there is a way I can ensure that the DEP prompt will appear or if not what is the best practice for getting a mac enrolled if not prompted by DEP? apart from ensure that scoping to the pre-stage is completed.


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Usually, in our case, when the "Remote Management" prompt fails to appear, I instruct our techs to complete setup assistant and run this in terminal:

sudo profiles renew -type enrollment

This will trigger DEP enrollment at the desktop.

I have not found a way to determine prior to firing up a machine whether or not DEP will be picked up. Wiping and reloading the OS usually gets it to trigger during setup assistant. This will trigger the DEP enrollment whe