Erase All Content and Settings preflight failed: System is not on full security

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Hi there team, I'm new to this community and first of all I would like to say "Thank you" for all the support and help you provide;


Can you please help me to know if there's any solution on this? Once I send the wipe command over the JAMF PRO platform to the device, the device reboots and enter to the recovery process but there's always a connection error apple error 5101f, 2003f, 2100f or 3001f ? i though this was some kind of update issue as many of the users that use to have an old version i.e 13.3.1 face this situation but lately this has been presented while processing a wipe process on the 2018 device with Ventura 13.4.1 or 13.4, 


Any help will be highly appreciated :D


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do they have SIP disabled? 

no idea, but I will be checking on my next wipe process if this is the case, TBH the users that faced this situation aren't that technical and I highly doubt they've been removed this on their side..Will keep you updated

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smart group 'system integrity protection'  is - disabled 

and just to confirm, this is being modified directly on the terminal, correct?


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@breigna2 Is there any possibility these Macs had their boot security level changed? This would have been necessary to allow booting from a USB drive to install macOS. If so you can boot into Recovery Mode and use the Startup SecurityUtility ( to restore Full Security mode.