Error code: 28

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New Contributor III

Casper Suite 8.52

Recently I've been having a lot of trouble with my JSS. I first noticed it while imaging a computer - during the "Update ByHost Files" phase when it is Ensuring system files are hidden...

Also sometimes it takes very long to load pages from the web interface (several minutes/not at all) and currently I am not even able to open Casper Admin. It loads to the login credentials screen but when I go to login it sits at "Getting data from your JAMF Software Server..." and then I receive the error code 28.

What's strange is that I can still remote into the server without any issues, check the network connections and they're fine, and I can also ping the server without any issues.


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I have had this too and have no idea what is going on.

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How big is your database?

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We typically get that when Tomcat stops and have solved it, temporarily, by restarting tomcat via the jss database utility.

Tomcat crashing has been a big issue in our case and seems to get worse when pushing out the Adobe Suite and during imaging. So far we have only found temporary fixes to the symptoms but not the cause. The good folks at JAMF are helping us with this.

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I've nailed it down to navx scans thanks to SEP 12.1 in my environment. Kill navx and the JSS starts responding again.

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Same issue here for the last few weeks. Pulling my hair out. Can't seem to find the cause. Tomcat is stopping for sure but I have not figured out why yet.