Error from APNs Server


Hi everyone,

I'm receiving this error for all iOS devices, anyone know the workaround?



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It usually means that your JSS can't communicate properly with Apple's "feedback" APNS server, which is "" on port 2196. The JSS sends push notifications via port 2195, and Apple reports their success (or failure) back to the JSS via port 2196.

  • Did any of the the target iOS devices receive the command?
  • Is this your first attempt, or has this worked before and suddenly stopped working?
  • Is this Jamf server behind a firewall?
  • Is there a DMZ network in between? If yes, is the JSS in the DMZ?
  • Did you request (or configure) the firewall for TCP ports 2195 and 2196, outbound to ?
  • If you can log onto the JSS right now, run "nslookup" from a command line. Did you get some IP addresses in response?


@bradtchapman thanks for the reply.

we restored iOS and re-enrolled 3 main iPads, and these 3 iPads are not receiving this error message.
Do I need to restore and re-enroll all iPads as well?

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Our issue was we had renewed the certificate using the wrong Apple account. We renewed the certificate again using the correct account again and things started working again.

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I had this same issue a few days ago. Our APNs certification expired and I renewed it using a different Apple account which resulted in the above error on all devices that are enrolled in Jamf since our renewed MDM ID did not match the one in JSS. Solution was to re-enrolling each device with the new MDM certification through.