Error message "The software update feature is currently unavailable"


For the past week we have been seeing a pop up message that says "The software update feature is currently unavailable". Some machines get it once every few days some machines get the popup every 30 seconds. We are a K-12 with 22 sites, this is happening at every site. We are running Casper 9.9 and this is happening on OS 10.9.5 and 10.11.X. We have software update servers at each site. You must click OK on each instance to get them to go away. There can be hundreds (maybe thousands) stacked up. Restarting the machine does seem to clear all the "old" messages.



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That looks like either Restricted Software or a policy. The icon and general layout of the dialog look like the jamf binary's displayMessage format to me.
I would go through your policies to see which one may be running on them, but also look at your Restricted Software items. Since you mentioned these can pop up every 30 seconds or some machines, the frequency makes it sound like Restricted Software. I doubt you have policies running that often (though its possible if there's a custom or special trigger calling it, like Network Change)

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Does the system.log give any hints?


late response: @mm2270 looking into policies, removed all triggers except log in and recurring check in; deleted restricted software (can re-add later) ~ no joy.
@sean system.log shows nothing of interest.
removed JAMF and readded with quick add, error went away on a machine that was getting error every 30 seconds. Working with our TAM also on this issue.