Error: The package (xyz.pkg) could not be found

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I randomly face an issue where a client machine is unable to locate packages / scripts during the 'Thin Imaging' process. Here is a blurb from two of the logs.. you will see that packages are installing fine, then it errors on a single package, and is unable to find subsequent packages/scripts:

Log 1:
[STEP 8 of 47] Copying Java 2013-004.pkg... Installing Java 2013-004.pkg... Successfully installed Java 2013-004.pkg. [STEP 9 of 47] Copying Java 7 Update 25.pkg... Installing Java 7 Update 25.pkg... Installation failed. The installer reported: dyld: DYLD_ environment variables being ignored because main executable (/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Resources/runner) is setuid or setgid
installer: Package name is Java 7 Update 25
installer: Installing at base path /
installer: The install failed (The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.) [STEP 10 of 47] Error: The package (KBLang-English-R1.dmg) could not be found. [STEP 11 of 47] Caching package... [STEP 12 of 47] Error: The package (OSDefaultMenuBar-V1.0-R1.dmg) could not be found. [STEP 13 of 47] Error: The package (Silverlight5.1.20513.0.pkg) could not be found.

Log 2: [STEP 13 of 47] Copying Silverlight5.1.20513.0.pkg... Installing Silverlight5.1.20513.0.pkg... Successfully installed Silverlight5.1.20513.0.pkg. [STEP 14 of 47] Installing Symantec Endpoint Protection-v12.1-R2.dmg... Filling User Home Directories from /Volumes/Symantec Endpoint Protection-v12.1-R2/Users/enroll... Filling User Templates from /Volumes/Symantec Endpoint Protection-v12.1-R2/Users/enroll... Closing package... [STEP 15 of 47] Error: The package (ThinImageTag-v1.0-R1.pkg) could not be found. [STEP 16 of 47] Error: The package (VLCMediaPlayer-v2.0.6-R1.dmg) could not be found.

Has anyone ever experienced this? The issue seems to come and go, so I'm thinking it may be network related. Thanks for any help.


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Ya, i have had that a couple times.
The latest time was because the pkg was not a flat pkg. if it wasn't made in composer, i would try that.

The other option is in the SymLink in /Library/Webserver/Documents is broken. Make a new alias to the share and place it in that location and it fixed my issue.