error while modifying CS 6 Design&Web Premium info on Casper Admin

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Hi There,

After I uploaded Cs6 Design & Web Premium .DMG onto Casper Admin.

I click on "info" and tick on " This File is a disk image containing an installer (Mac OSX or an Adobe Installer/Updater)
to let casper to verify this .dmg is an installer.

Then I've got this error: "An Exception of class NilObjectException was not handled. The application must shut down"

I've got this .dmg file from the installer disk by using "Disk Utility"

I have no problem when I do this on my CS 6 master Collection.

Does anyone knows what going on???? T_T



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I am not sure as I have never needed to tick on "This File is a disk image containing an installer..." for a CS6 installer, but then I am placing the AAMME-created PKG inside a Disk Utility-created DMG.

Is the "Cs6 Design & Web Premium .DMG" the original Adobe DMG, or is it a DMG that you created with Disk Utility and you placed an AAMME-created PKG inside the DMG?

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I've followed the user guide instruction that I downloaded from JAMF, it seems working for CS6 Master, CS5.5 Web and Design Premium but not CS6 Design and Web Premium.

Yes, I inserted Original CS6 installer disk and then create a .DMG file by using Disk Utility ( that's what the user guide mention as well) ( nothing to do with AAMME at this stage)

after that upload onto Casper Admin and put a tick on " This File is a disk image..." (like what it said in user guide)

Sorry, I think I'm too stupid of doing this and keeps doing things wrong... =_=

Thanks for your help

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One more thing I want to know.

I tried to add AAMME-created PKG inside a Disk Utility-created .DMG and then upload to Casper Admin.

Run Casper Imaging to install Mountain Lion and Adobe AAMME -Created CS6 Master.DMG together. Then I've found out that casper did not install the pkg automatically, its only made a copy of pkg store in the hard drive.

Is there any way for me to let casper run the pkg automatically instead of make a copy pkg on the hard drive.?

I've tried to upload the pkg directly onto Casper Admin (without adding AAMME-created PKG inside a Disk Utility-created .DMG). but it will fails the installation because Casper Admin AAMME CS6 file size (2.1MB) is much smaller than the original AAMME CS6 (7.66 GB) file in my desktop.

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This is our process for installing CS6

1) download AAMME 3.1
2) Use it to create a .pkg with all the updates (make sure you disable the AIR install)
3) upload that .pkg to Casper Admin
4) Edit the entry in Casper Admin and tick 'This package must be installed to the boot volume at imaging time'

Then we can either add CS6 to a Configuration for new machines that we netboot, or use Casper Remote (or a policy) to install the .pkg on existing computers.

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If you are going the Disk Utility-created DMG route (recommended if your distribution points are on SMB), then you will need the script in order to mount the DMG and install the PKG. That workflow involves putting both the DMG and script in a policy and calling the policy, such as from a trigger. For example, have the policy run from "Triggered By:" Other, and have a name for the manual trigger (like "AdobeInstall"), then, somewhere in the imaging script, include the following line to call for that policy:

jamf policy -trigger AdobeInstall

Otherwise, plawrence's workflow should work for you as well.