ESET Endpoint Security- Anyone using this ??

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Could you let me know your experiences with it?




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I use it for one client, pain to setup.

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We use it - only the antivirus component, and only because we are still getting it from Microsoft from when Microsoft SCEP was discontinued. It is a pain to set up. I would recommend spinning up a ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) to handle the configuration of the client endpoints.

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We're nearing the end of our ESET contract and are researching different solutions.

We found it to be effective, though difficult to manage and keep up to date.

If using it, you absolutely must exclude .appdownload files and the Jamf waiting room in your Mac policies or your Jamf and VPP deployments will slow to a near halt.

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I followed this guide to set it up, once I actually read the script it was not too bad.

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Hi Guys,

New to Jamf Nation so please go easy,

We have switched over from Sophos Central to ESET Antivirus Security and ESET Internet Security.

I have managed to configure the System extensions and also the Full Disk access, however we are having issues configuring the Proxy Configurations notification, has anyone managed to get this working? I know this was achieved for Sophos but unsure how to automate it on ESET.