Eset Endpoint Security Custom Installation package

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Hi community

Can anyone help with deploying a custom installation package as described here

I'm looking to deploy product without Web and Email protection components



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First step in deployment is to get the app from VPP/ABM (Apple Store)* this can be done by following the below:


Computers >  Mac App Store Apps > + New > Search the APP Store or Upload a VPP Code Spreadsheet


Doesn't look like ESET Endpoint Security is there. ESET seems to be Apple friendly so they might be able to send you a custom app via ABM. I live mostly in Device Realm so I believe how to Customize the install is different from Computers, but you can customize installs on Devices so I'm sure it can be done on Computers. Someone else can hopefully fill that in.  


*ABM (Apple Business Manager) is the new VPP (Volume Purchase Program) merged with DEP (Device Enrolment Program) as far as I understand it. I think Computers still work with the VPP though. 

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Hi Dragan,
I guess, you are asking for deploying, not for creating the custom package (because, the way to create, is described at your weblink). We deploy ESET Endpoint Security (the complete suite) with Jamf.

You will find a good guide, how to deploy ESET with Jamf (pro) here:


if you want, you can create a third script to prevent ESET from autostart after installing the GUI:

# Prevent ESET GUI launching after install until we set it up)
if [[ ! -e "/Library/Application Support/ESET/esets/cache" ]]; then
/bin/mkdir -p "/Library/Application Support/ESET/esets/cache"
/usr/bin/touch "/Library/Application Support/ESET/esets/cache/do_not_launch_esets_gui_after_installation"

Do not forget to delete the "no autostart script" after the installation process is finished


# deleting "/Library/Application Support/ESET/esets/cache/do_not_launch_esets_gui_after_installation"

if ls /Library/Application\ Support/ESET/esets/cache/do_not_launch_esets_gui_after_installation; then
rm -f /Library/Application\ Support/ESET/esets/cache/do_not_launch_esets_gui_after_installation
echo "File not found, nothing to do"
exit 0

It is strongly recommended to do a client reboot after the installation from ESET is finished.

At this time, I am struggling with a few unimportant warnings while the installation process, because they could  confuse the user. After a client reboot, the warnings are disappeared, because the system extensions are running.

Hope, this will help you.



Hi Novellus

Thanks for replying back. 

I have no issues deploying full  Eset Endpoint security as described in guides.


I'm struggling to create a policy that will do custom installation without specific components as described in initial post.

What Eset suggests is to run an installer and create remote installation package.

When i do that i get 4 remote installation files, that i need to somehow use to do a custom installation via Jamf







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Hey Novellus, maybe you can help me. When I deploy ESET via their guide (KB7324), I get prompted for admin credentials. As my users aren't admins on the machines I want to avoid any user interaction. Do you have any idea, why this happens?

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You either put the .dat files on a server and pull them from there, or you create them on the spot in a script that runs on the client before installing the package. Up to you whether you also deliver the uninstall script to every client.