executing as someone else from a package

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I have a package created in Composer that installs an application but when it completes I need it to add the application to the user's Startup Items and then launch it.

I created a post install script that works fine when ran from by the user out of their profile or from Casper's Self Service. As soon as I try to automate things with Casper to have it install to do it's thing via a Login trigger event, it only installs the files. It does not add the application to Startup Items or launch the application.

Any ideas? Why does a login trigger event react differently than Self Service?


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The package is being run or installed in a root context when done from most Casper Suite policies, so this is likely why its not adding the item to the logged in user's Startup Items. If you post the script we can help modify it so it will do what it needs to for the logged in user. There are a few different tricks you need to use, depending on the circumstances. Also, which OS or OSes you're targeting may be important to know. And finally, will this only be run on Login as the main trigger? It won't run during the regular Check-in trigger?