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In testing, the managed TVOS slideshow app Exhibit (https://marketplace.jamf.com/details/exhibit/) looks for perfect for our needs, with one critical drawback. In single-app mode it does not load its slides.

This kind of defeats the whole point of Exhibit for us. I'm wondering if anyone has found the same bug, and if there's a workaround.


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seeing the same thing... so far I'm using the sample provided on Github. Wondering if the link is simply broken... the app hasn't been updated since 2019.
I'll try with a CSV hosted by myself... might do the trick.


Hi any luck with this one ? We need to implement a solution like this but no success so far. Tried to write a plist for it but it does not seems to work sadly

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Yes, we did get it running reliably after some trial and error.   Here’s how we’ve set it up.

The csv and images are hosted on a public web server.  The Exhibit target file is called images.csv, which calls the images from the “Images” folder.

I found that image filenames must be in lower case, including the extensions (which are .jpg not .jpeg) 

 The Exhibit app is deployed in single app mode, and contains an App Configuration plist.  Explanation of the plist and how it is used is here https://exhibit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/app-config/ 

 Our one looks like this.

   <string>You can wirelessly stream the content of your iPhone, iPad or Mac here using Airplay. </string>
    <string>SELECT THIS DEVICE:</string>

The app config specifies the location of the .csv file which contains the https locations of the images.  The .csv must follow these rules https://exhibit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/playlist/ 

 NOTE: Slide duration can be set in both the .csv and the app config.  The app config setting will only apply if there is no value in the .csv.  Best practice: always set the duration in the .csv. 

That’s it.    BUT ….. 

I found that if an Apple TV is restarted for any reason, Exhibit will not always reload as it should.  For that reason, I have scheduled a relaunch of Exhibit across all Apple TV’s every day at 5am.  So if there’s a blank slideshow running, at least the slides will be back the next day.



Thanks ! Thats very helpful, now I know how i messed up my prefs. One last question if I may. Since we are about to set-up of them, how do you set up this parameters :



Since the Application is configured by the "App Configuration" tab, how do you get several different device names?

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It pulls the text from the Apple TV's name in its Settings.  Change the device's name with JAMF Pro, and before long it will be reflected in the Exhibit display.

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BTW, both those contributors are me!


Perfect thanks a lot for your time !


Anyone is having issue displaying the correct Apple TV name within the App ?


I've updaed the app to 1.1.1 and added 



To my app config, but it does not seems to work.