Exporting LAPS password?

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question: Is there a way to capture the LAPS password stored in JAMF prior to purging a computer from Jamf?


We have a strict 60 day purge policy in place; if the device has not contacted Jamf in 60 days or more, we are required to purge (delete) the devices from Jamf.  However, we are on the cusp of deploying LAPS and a question that has come up is if a LAPS managed computer is purged, and a tech happens to find it sitting in a corner (something that happens with depressing frequency), is there a way to determine what the LAPS password was at the time it was purged from Jamf.

I know there are alternatives to deleting devices that have not been in contact, but there are some politics around that in my organization, so I'm wondering if there is a technical solution.