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On a managed Mac, at the bottom of the Profiles Preference pane there is a string of text: " This Mac is supervised and managed by Jamf Software." Does anyone know if its possible to change this text? I've been looking around, and I'm not seeing anyp...
Curious if anyone has had to report on any commercial antivirus app installed on a Mac?I've got a request from our enterprise security team to provide a list of computers with whatever AV app might be installed, or if none is installed. I can't quite...
(Not referring to Apple's Do Not Disturb, which is a totally different thing that what I'm looking for) Curious if anyone has seen or used any kind of "Do Not Disturb while x application is running" solution to prevent macOS updates from occurring wh...
I've got a new M1 MBPro 13" running Big Sur 11.0.1. We use ESET Antivirus on our Macs, and I've built a config profile for Privacy and System Extensions. I'm using ESET 6.10, which is compatible with Big Sur, and the instructions provided by ESET for...
Greetings all,Curious if any one is or has used Apple School Manager/DEP from off campus to configure new Macs.With the current state of operations being in a total work from home mode due to COVID-19, leadership is now suggesting that we may be 8 we...
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