Extension Attribute - Outlook 2016 - On My Computer

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I'm trying to find out which of our users have been keeping old content under "On My Computer" within Outlook. There were some problems years before that forced people to use it for sometime for old e-mails and some people have continued to use it.

Is there an identifiable file or plist so I can make an Extension Attribute that will tell me which users have data located under "On My Computer" within Outlook? Our backup system doesn't backup ~/Library/ so we want to prevent some users from losing their data.


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Hey @demaioj did you ever find a solution to this?

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If anyone else comes down this path, there is some good info here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployoffice/mac/preferences-outlook#hide-local-folders

I can't find a way to see if the "On My Computer" folders are in use but they are visible by default in Outlook 2016, 2019, 2021 and 365

The particular plist is in each users user home


The key is called HideFoldersOnMyComputerRootInFolderList and is not there by default.  The default value of  HideFoldersOnMyComputerRootInFolderList is 0 (false) so "On My Computer" is visible.

If the key exists and has value 1 (true), "On My Computer is hidden", otherwise it's showing and may or may not have messages in it