Extension Attribute to get private MAC address of an iPad

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Is there a way for Jamf to get the current Private MAC address of a Supervised, managed iPad?

NOT the hardware MAC address!

I've used Extension Attributes for other things for IMacs, but this one seems a bit curly

I have a bunch of iPads and the Wi-Fi config hasn't got disable randomisation ticked and I didn't want to just update the Wi-Fi profile without trying to find some way to look up the iPad by current MAC address first.

Thanks for any suggestions!



I do not believe that JSS collects that data in database, however that can easily be gather from radius server. 

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What you are asking is not possible.


The reason you can get this with an Extension Attribute for a Mac is you can run scripts on macOS. iPadOS and iOS do not support running scripts, all Extension Attributes are pre-canned data that is gathered through the MDM framework.