File distribution help - Brainstorming

New Contributor II

Here is the situation... I have a fleet of sales iPads that are unlocked and passcode options locked out due to high turnover.  The sales reps currently do not have Microsoft creds.  We are an M365 environment.   I need a way to distribute files to these sales iPad without relying on the rep to enter credentials.  For example, the company designs a new sale presentation (Keynote) and they need to drop this into a distributed folder that syncs to the iPad.

My idea is a general Sales id created in AzureAD and push out OneDrive.  Then set up a SharePoint site for sales and syncing the content from a folder out to the Sales OneDrive apps on the iPads.  I'm not sure how to automate or bake in the creds for OneDrive.   Again this is just an idea without a working prototype. 

I'm open to options outside of this.  Something like the "drop box" feature on macOS in the shared folders.  Again the manager just needs a way to drop the files into a synced folder.


TIA - My head-scratching is starting to hurt.  :)