File Repository on Linux

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We started off having our Jamf file repository on-premise on a NetApp share, which is behind VPN.

Now that we are starting to deploy to client Macs, we've realized we need to open up the share so it doesn't require VPN, but can't do so due to security concerns.

So we're now looking at deploying our packages to a Linux web server over https instead. Any gotchas we should look out for and is it fairly simple to setup?

And will it just be a matter of changing the File Share Distribution Point in Jamf and copy over the Packages (and Scripts?) folders from our NetApp share? Does Jamf Admin work the same way with this type of share or do we have to sftp files up to it?


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Yes, HTTPS shares are platform agnostic, anything that can service HTTPS can technically host a file share. I have used Apache shares at multiple jobs for a Jamf package repo.


Checkout NetSUS