Filemaker Pro 14.x Creating Package

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Creating a PKG with Composer of Filemaker Pro 14.x.

Requires a License of course, and FMP provides a Assisted Install.txt file that has the License Key info, Organization, etc. The FMP installer I am sure references this file when installing.

Did all this in Composer in which Composer did capture the license info, then built the PKG and deployed onto another Mac, and the license info was gibberish characters.

Any experiences / thoughts on this. Much thx in advance, John



I've had luck just doing a simple snapshot in Composer - the license info always translates for me (from FM Pro versions 11 through 14).

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Does FileMaker require this license file to be next to the installer during installation? And does FileMaker come as a PKG? You could use this method This Method. Basically, you create a composer package to install FMP and the license file into /tmp/FMPTemp/ And then have a postinstall script to execute "installer -pkg /tmp/FMPTemp/FileMakerInstaller.pkg -target /" and off it goes...

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What I did was use Composer to capture me placing the Assisted Install.txt, FileMaker 14v4 Updates.pkg, and FileMaker Pro 14.pkg files in a place of my choosing(/Library/Application Support/FileMaker). Then, I added a postinstall script that looks like this:

## postinstall


sudo installer -pkg /Library/Application Support/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro 14.pkg -target /

sudo installer -pkg /Library/Application Support/FileMaker/FileMaker 14v4 Updates.pkg -target /

sudo rm -rf /Library/Application Support/FileMaker

exit 0      ## Success
exit 1      ## Failure

This basically temporarily stores the installer, runs it, activates it, and then deletes the temporary files. It automatically applies the Assisted Install.txt file if it's in the same directory as the installer pkgs. These three lines just streamline things a bit.

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Filemaker has a guide for packaging the app and license. Look at:

I use their instructions for "installing remotely using ARD".


Hello John, I had fm14 packaged with success.
I followed the instructions, "Installing FileMakerPro using a networked volume (OS X) "
of course with AssistedInstall.txt
then an installation recording with composer and distributed as pkg

and in the same policy,
I have the new FM release packet 14.0.4 distributed without recording as pkg

I hope its work

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Has anyone had any luck with FileMaker 15.0.3 I have the installer running through Self Service but I need to add in the serialisation of the product post install.


Hey @raven.dover which licensing model does your organization use? I know FileMaker has two (concurrent and perpetual). I use concurrent and typically make a snapshot package which then picks up the registrations/serial I input during the install with no issues. I can tell you (from experience) that if you do not format your Company Name (registered to) EXACTLY as it is written on your ETLA...even as far as where there are capital letters and where there are not then it can some times not work.

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Hello @timlarsen , thanks for the response. We currently can put any name in but company and serial are the same for all. I will give it another go, maybe the monitor system changes missed it.

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@McAwesome Your procedure worked great for me. Thanks! In this case, it's FileMaker 16.