Find "Unmanaged computer" serial number


Hi, On our JAMF pro, it shows 1 unmanaged computer.How do we find out which device that is?



Advanced Computer Search

Criteria = Managed
Operator = is
Value = Unmanaged

They seem to have removed the advanced criteria 'Managed' and replaced it with 'Managed By'. Which doesn't work the same unfortunately. Any idea how to accomplish this same thing in 2022? 

I think you have to specify a management account.

You should be able to see this if you look at an individual computer or device -> General -> Managed: Managed by XXXXX

Sure, that's an option. It's just we have over 1,000 computers so I was trying to find a way to filter out the two it says are unmanaged (ideally just make a smart group) without having to manually look through each one. Seems like it used to be possible.

This criteria still exists, if you click Show Advanced Criteria in the search window. I actually have this as a saved search in my environment now.

Nice! I was never looking in the advanced search. Just tried, works great. Thanks.