FireFox first time starting up

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Dose anyone know how to get rid of import bookmarks prompt when launching
firefox for the first time? I want to make a package for firefox that will
not prompt users to do so.


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Import bookmarks prompt? I was trying to get rid of the first tab like after an upgrade even, that says you've upgraded to the latest version of FireFox even.

If someone has those answers...Thanks!


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Did you ever get an answer?

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Checkout the override.ini option.

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Create a file called override.ini in /Applications/Firefox/Contents/MacOS/ with the following text:


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Sweeeeet I always wanted to know how to do that. Have a look at cck wizard for Firefix. This was a mission at first.

I have firefox with custom tab bookmarks, custom page pop up blocker exceptions, global ad dons including setting Firefox to 32 so the pesky 32 bit PDF add on will actually work etc etc

I have spent an absolute ridiculous amount of time on Firefox over the years and have lost my hair because if it and evil Mozilla and certain key peoples unhelpfulness and arrogant attitudes in the Mozilla lists!

I kept hammering them and at least they gave us ESR releases!

The company i work for uses an external system that only Works with Firefox!

Now I have the last part of the missing puzzle :)

Jared and CBrewer I thank you. Now time to grow more hair :)

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To clarify it is


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Wait, so does override.ini allow us to prevent the tab that Craig mentioned:

...the first tab like after an upgrade, that says you've upgraded to the latest version of FireFox


Really hoping to figure out which conf file governs this...


Never mind, I think I found it:

Gotta love prefs.js!

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Gotta love prefs.js!

Or, gotta hate that Mozilla does it in a completely non-standard way across all platforms. I get it though, it makes development easier when you're on 3 platforms... Doesn't mean I have to like it though :)