Firevault Device Recovery Key Not Showing in JAMF Pro

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good morning.

we have an employee who was recently deployed a replacement laptop (it's enrolled into our jamf pro)

after using migration assistant to transfer files over to this machine, it restarted on her but now is stuck in start up loop, where the apple icon will load to a certain point and restart.

I've tried having her go into recovery mode, but once she gets there it asks for the device recovery key.

Is this device unrecoverable because of this jamf error?

please advise.


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Well, that might be because FileVault has been already enabled, or the key was reissued/modified outside the scope of Jamf.

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I have a Self Service policy scoped to computers in which the Individual Recovery Key is not valid that runs this script link text. This seems to import a usable key back into JAMF.

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for those wondering I tested that script on Monterey on both intel and M1 macs and it seems to work as intended. 

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I have since moved over to using Escrow Buddy as it no longer prompts users for any input at all while gathering the missing or invalid FV key.