FIX the dock items payload

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the dock items payload is horrible, never works correctly.

more items you add/remove from the dock the more unstable the results are.

some items get added, some items get removed, it's horrible

fix this


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You can create a profile via Dock Master and upload it to your Configuration Profiles in jamf. You can't edit it from there but you can successfully deploy it. To edit you just need to create a new one at dock master

I agree though...jamf needs to fix their dock items's useless

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I would also recommend DockUtil. You can customize it any way you want. As well as edit down the line if you need to.

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i've used DockUtil it sucks

i'll check this dock master

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@truman Dock Master created a .mobileconfig now how do i apply that to the configuration profile?

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@tcandela You need to go into your JSS under Configuration Profiles and click the Upload button there, instead of New, and upload the .mobileconfig file.
Be aware there's no guarantee all settings will come over cleanly when doing it this way, but it's worth going through the process to see.

You could also just install the config profile as a payload using a postinstall script in a pkg installer. There are a lot of posts on how to do this using Composer.

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@mm2270 thanks. I originally did that and the Configuration Profile was created with dock item payload, but didn't see any listing for the .mobileconfig, so i though i was doing something wrong.

It works, dock is how i set it up in dock master, but one thing that sucks is, users are not able to modify the dock !! either by adding new dock items or removing !!

in the dock master interface i have 'prevent users from permanently modifying dock contents' UNCHECKED

i want users to have full control of the dock

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@tcandela Profiles force the dock.. dockutil can be used to set it once.. so for you dockutil is the way to go

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i tried dockutil before and didn't like it. there were certain icons that dockutil could not remove, if i remember, one of those was ibooks

something simple as having the Self Service icon added to the dock via login trigger 'once per user per computer' you would think would not be a problem, but it is. It messes up the rest of the dock items. So i have to set the trigger to Logout, then the next time the person logs in the Self Service icon is on the dock.

basically, changing the dock on login doesn't work

anybody else get this weird reaction when trying to add/delete dock icons on login ??????

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Check out my script: here

Yes, it uses dockutil. It clears the dock at login then adds what you tell it to add. Mine adds icons based on the type of computer in our environment and the apps that are installed. It doesn't lock the dock either. If you want it to only run once, you can set it in the JSS to only run once per use per computer or even better, use outset. We typically ran this at every login in labs but now we just use a package since we don't care if users alter the dock, our accounts get purged at every reboot.

It works pretty well for us.

Also, the reason iBooks remains on the dock isn't because dock util cannot remove it, it's because Apple forces certain apps in the dock when it's initially created. It's very annoying, that's why my script waits for the dock to start then wipes it clean.

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Editing dock items in JAMF is still borked. :(

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Hello! Thanks for the info on Dock Master! Works great. I was curious however on how often the config file uploaded to Jamf runs. I don't see any way to saw run once, etc...