Flush policy for entire group at once

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My apologies if this has already been discussed, searching this is very vague and I haven't found exactly what my goal is.

Essentially I have a policy I want to flush, but I only want to flush it on a specific group or smart group. I can't find an interface option for this, I would think an option inside of the "Actions" menu would be ideal (Feature Request?).

Does this require a script that runs a jamf policy command? I've found in older discussions that you cannot flush a single policy from the jamf command line, only the JSS web interface.



it's in the log of the policy Flush All or Flush All Errors

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No, I do not want to flush the policy for every scoped computer.

I just want to flush the policy for computers that are a member of a group or smart group.

Or am I forced to clone the policy and have each one scoped to each one of my 15+ groups individually? This seems counter productive.

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Quick questions, I have updated policy and want to make sure it gets applied to all the computers but noticed that policy not getting applied automatically. I did below troubleshooting -

Trigger - Recurring check in

Custom event - XXXX

Execution frequency - Once per computer

I tried to push separate policy with script - sudo jamf policy -event <trigger> as per Jamf Documentation but that doesn't work.

Any suggestion, should I do "Flush All" under logs of that particular policy or any other solution?