Font Installation - Best Practice

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Hello, I need to deploy about 8 fonts to some machines across our fleet. I didn't see anything specific to fonts in the Admin Guide. I do see they can be installed with Profiles, but it seems that a package via composer w/ the fonts deployed to /Library/Fonts/ seems the easiest way to get this done.

Licensing on these fonts is taken care of, are there any gotchas here w/ deploying fonts? Is there anything more to this, than a simple package dumping them in /Library/Fonts/?

Thanks for the help!


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We usually deploy corporate fonts that must be on all computers in /Library/Fonts.

Apple's new system font (San Francisco) can be downloaded here to test:

San Francisco | The system font for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

Use your favorite packaging tool <redacted>, to drop them into /Library/Fonts and set to root:admin and 644:

# ls -l /Library/Fonts | grep SF
drw-r--r--   23 root  admin       736 Jun  4 01:01 SF Compact
drw-r--r--   32 root  admin      1024 Jun  4 01:01 SF Pro

Depending on the application that needs to "see" it, may need to log out (so atsutil can do its thing)...or not.

Adobe Creative Cloud apps will most likely immediately see them...not so sure about older or crappy apps.


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Fast forward to today, configuration profiles now provide a Font payload. OTF and TTF are supported.