Font management


Our company is looking to use the Monotype's Mosaic to deploy and manage fonts that we purchase going forward. I'm wondering if it's possible to disable all other means for our users to install fonts on their Mac so that they are only able to use Mosaic to get their fonts. Would disabling font book be enough or what would the best practice be here? Thanks!


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I'll put on my former graphic designer hat here. (Haven't worn it in years...LOL). Don't block Font Book to your graphic designers.

As a designer, I like seeing all the typefaces my employer makes available to me at various sizes at a quick glance. Font Book does that.

Putting on my real sys admin hat...if you are trying to make sure that end users only use these fonts and never anything else, disabling Font Book would only help you start on locking that down....FYI, So any end user can go into his or her user home folder to Fonts and drag install whatever fonts I like and use them in any installed application. If they have admin rights to their Mac, they can even go to /Library/Fonts and install them for all users.

This is one of those that a company policy in my opinion is a better source than trying to restrict your user's computer. If your company says these are the only fonts used then users should be held accountable when they don't use from that source...or alternatively, maybe you want them to find new fonts and recommend them formally to decision makers.

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A well known media channel once got fined $2M because it allowed users to install unlicensed fonts.

Business vs home = different animals.

I spent 15 years in a service bureau, and I only got into IT because the business went digital.

Don't get me started on the laws/ELUAs that cover that business. #ugh