For now we want to stop all SUS updates

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When a user run Software Update... we don't want them to get any updates, from Apple or from our internal SUS. Our OS X Server has Software Update Enabled and updates are copied to the Server, but they are not auto enabled. On the JSS side we have a Policy called Run oftware Update. It' set to Trigger By: any; Execution Frequency: Disabled. IN the Override Default Policy Settings section the Target Drive:/ Distribution point: is set to our CasperShare <Servername (afp://<servername>/CasperShare

Spftware Updae Server: OSX_Updates (IP address:8088) This is the name we gave it and originally I had the server NAME but to avoid DNS issues entered the I address.

Computers are still reachng the Apple SUS because looking at the log under Policy History shows tons of updates adn they are running every day! What settings do I need to make to ensure no software updates get installed on any of our Macs either directly from apple or from our internal SUS? No setting I seem to make, stops the updates?

Your suggestions are appreciated!
George Spiese


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defaults write /Library/Preferences/ CatalogURL "file://localhost/dev/null"

will stop all Apple Software Updates.

But I doubt that's what you really want.

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@gspiese Disable the pref pane w/MCX? A saavy user can still run updates via Terminal though...

sudo softwareupdate -i -a

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Totally ugly but:

sudo rm -rf /System/Library/CoreServices/Software
sudo rm -f /usr/sbin/softwareupdate

Package them first so you can re-deploy it.

You could also add softwareupdate and Software Update as restricted software.

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In the severs section of the JSS where you have your ASUS defined, have you ticked: set system wide?

If not give it a go!

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You could also add softwareupdate and Software Update as restricted software.

That is probably what I would do.

But, I'm not really clear what you're trying to achieve here. Do you just want to block your users from running Software or are you looking to completely stop Software Update from running even if initiated via Casper Suite?

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What we want is:

OS X SUS running and downloading all updates, but not auto enabling them- which is how it is set now.

If a Casper Managed Mac user maunally iniitiates softwate update we want no updates downloaded to the Mac, We want this controlled by Casper. When the user initiaiates SUS on their Mac, they should get a message something like (sorry I don't have the verbatim wording) "An Administrator is already installing updates... try again later..."

The problem we are trying to solve is stopping the 90GB of SUS downloads that occur daily even though they can't actually install the software becasue they don't have admin rights.

I do have the SUS policy set to "System Wide" but that's not fixing the problem. Tried it deselected also, but that also didn't stop the problem.

The users aren't installing the software, becasue they can't but they can check for updates and download them- which is what we want to stop.

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OK. Well, when the Casper Suite sets the SUS for a client, it does so in two places. At user level in /Library/Preferences/, and also for the root user, /private/var/root/Library/Preferences/

I have not tested this, but I believe when a user (local admin, etc) runs Software Update, the Software Update application refers to the /Library/Preferences plist for where it should look for updates.
On the flip side, when the Casper Suite initiates downloads and installs SUS updates, it does so as root, so it refers to the plist located in /private/var/root/Library/Preferences.

My guess then is, if you change the Catalog URL for the /Library/Preferences/ to something like Greg mentions above, "file://localhost/dev/null", that would stop the Software Update app from working for the users. But if you leave the root account pointed to your SUS, whenever you start enabling those updates, you'll still be able to use a policy to pull down the updates silently.

The big problem you're going to run into is, Casper Suite will keep "correcting" the user level preference file when it enforce the framework on your managed Macs, and point them back to a proper URL as defined in your Servers/Software Update Servers section in the JSS, and as defined in your Network Segments.
I'm not really sure how to stop it from doing that, but you may want to look at something like a LaunchAgent/Daemon that will keep doing a defaults write /Library/Preferences/ CatalogURL
There are probably more efficient ways of ding that though.

I don't know if any of this helps. Also, if I'm wrong about how this works, someone please correct me. But that's my understanding of how it works inside the Casper Suite.