Force app to reinstall and executing features that are usually run as a group action

Contributor II

For supervised devices, it would be great to be a able to specify all/specific assigned apps to force reinstall, on a device. This could be a feature that could be toggled from the App inventory page.

We are seeing cases where, apps wont update due to license issues, and possible due to an license amount being exceeded, but after updating the exceeded amount the end users device is left confused and not updated.

In cases where apps need to be loaded, this feature could fix a few headaches that come in expiring licenses, or incomplete downloaded apps.

This feature would be also ideally run as a bulk action.

Speaking bulk actions, some bulk actions cannot be run as an individual device, from the manage page, such as update IOS. Where individual troubleshooting is occurring,s sometimes it can be handy to just force the request to software update IOS just one device, rather than it running as a bulk action.