Force LDAP sync for user attributes

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Our LDAP attributes for “Department” show the grade number for student users. This has been working in our smart groups until about 8 days ago when AD was updated and students were “graduated” to the next grade. Jamf is showing only a small handful of users with the correct data while the rest show last years department.

This was our first school year with Jamf where the LDAP data came through on initial enrollment.

My question is: How often (if ever) does Jamf re-sync with AD and is there a way to force it to happen?


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I think you need to have "Collect user and location information from LDAP " enabled in Settings -> Computer Management -> Inventory Collection, then it'll update the data on recon.
The JSS won't do it by itself.

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I believe user information is updated when their device checks in. This is an issue we have when students leave. There user information can no longer be updated as they've handed their device back in.

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Thanks RLR,

This could be the case. The users in question do not take their devices home for the summer.
I will try turning on some of the devices and see if the user information updates.