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I currently have a problem with the macOS update. I try to install them via a mass command, unfortunately it does not work. Does anyone here have a good solution so that the updates are installed directly also mandatory.
The employees have no admin account and it is File Vault Enabled. Glad about answers.


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@S_Puschel If your fleet is running macOS Big Sur, I think that Apple now requires devices to have a bootstrap token uploaded to Jamf to run that command. Otherwise, you need to deploy a policy. (But it will require user consent) I'm currently trying to figure out a workflow for this as well. I think that I'm jut about to enable autoupdates. I'm really starting to think that Apple wants to remove all of the useful features of an MDM.


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Unfortunately there are not really any good solutions. You need to have the bootstrap tokens escrowed in your JAMF server as well as having Management over the devices and DEP. If you have all that the Management Command should just work, but you really get no logging and users get no notification. Scripts were much more reliable (which is not saying much with how poor they were) but that is all out the windows with Apple Silicon.


When you tell the Management Command to go does the Mac get a notification that an Administrator wants to install updates? That is the only notification the device should get until MacOS Monterey, but it should come up within a few moments of telling the Management command to run. You should see the Management Command in the Management Tab of JAMF as pending and it will move to History > Management Command section once its done. 

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Basically, Apple hates us.

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Unfortunately it seem so. I totally get Apples Stance of putting users in control, but it makes things unnecessarily hard for us and the end users. Apple could do much better, they just choose not to. Its just a really bad experience all around. 

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Can you share what command you tried to use and what's the error you are getting ?

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We are using this script to do this on the x86 side:

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We also use a script for a self service upgrade which downloads the newest installer and applies it if there is enough room and if power is plugged in: 

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Hi S_Puschel,

May I know how did you try by using mass command in jamf pro?