ForeScout agent deployment with Jamf Pro


An issue while ForeScout SecureConnector integration with Jamf Pro

Almost the integration is completed but we have observed an issue that in most of the machines, it's not showing in the menu bar which supposes to be.

is anyone integrated this before? please advise


Contributor III

If it isn't showing in the menu bar then the one of two ways it can start on login must not be in-place...

It either needs a launchagent in /Library/LaunchAgents

or it needs a login item, say generated with code like: "/usr/bin/osascript <<EOF
tell application "System Events" to make login item at end with properties {Path:"$App_Path", name:"$Item", hidden:$Hidden}

In either case, if present, then it's possible you need to allow the login process on macOS 13


whenever we installed this app using jamf policy it get installed and while try to open the app then it's get close automatically and there no osacript screen is showing to authenticate. Notes- Machine having Netskope, GTB DLP, Defender along with VPN checkpoint are there hope this applications are not blocking it

Unfortunatly I have no experience of any of these apps outside of Defender... What I will say is if the app is closing on launch, there may be a crash log or an entry in the system log to try and find the cause.