FortiClientCloudNewTest7.3v Certificate Trust pop issue

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After revoking the admin rights FortiClientCloudNewTest7.3 getting a permission pop-up and help to skip this authentication. Any suggestions?

Certificate accessCertificate accessScreenshot 2022-11-24 at 6.29.31 PM.png


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Hey Prabhu, 

not sure if you saw in the docs for Forticlient but there are a number of PPPC settings, a system extension, a kernel extension, and a few Content Filter/Socket Filter Configuration Profiles that you need to deploy with the newest versions of Forticlient. 
I highly recommend looking over the documentation for specifics but you can also use this blog post which pretty much sums up the settings you need in JAMF. Kudos to GrahamWilliams for the article as it is well written and makes the smattering of Forticlient documentation for macOS easier to deploy.