FR: JSS Web Interface Productivity Improvements

Contributor III


So my usage of the JSS goes in waves, and my largest use is always before
classes start. When I start using the web interface the same annoyances come
back each time.

It's frustrating to go into a section, and when your work is done you get
spit out somewhere else. Mass editing autorun data for example, you started
by looking at a Smart Group membership and then when you're done you get
spit out at the inventory search. Now if I wanted to go back to Smart Groups
again I have to click Management then smart groups.

Now, I realize I am talking about two clicks here, but those clicks add up!

I'm not sure how well it would work programmatically to have the application
better remember where it came from when you started that chain of events,
but it would be helpful. There might be another option.

Doing pull-downs for the sub-sections under Inventory, Management, Logs, and
Settings is not done, and likely for compatibility and accessibility
reasons, so I get that. There are only a handful of places I go in the JSS a
majority of the time. What about being able to customize a few quick links
in that empty gray bar under the main tabs? Add a section in Settings that
has a listing of the sub-sections within the JSS that you can check a box
next to (limit to 3 for size reasons), and those subsections show up as
small text links in the gray bar.

Take that a step further, have a second column in that listing of
sub-sections and allow the selection of 4 or 6 sub-sections that will
populate the home screen after you login (see attached). That page is a
waste right now after you login. Why not have nice iconed links to regularly
used sub-sections? Save clicks!

I heavily use the following, all of which are buried in Management:
- Policies
- Casper Admin
- Smart Groups

Add links to Smart and Static computer groups somewhere on the Computer
Inventory search page for users that have rights to those sections so they
can jump right to them again.

Those are my thoughts for this morning. Hopefully they make sense and might
be helpful to people if implemented.

Craig E