FUT/FEU Dock Question

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Now that I have been running JAMF in production for a few months, Im planning a "Phase II" that includes getting rid of a legacy monolithic User Template folder that I have been using since my pre-JAMF days. Its a crusty boat anchor that I want to kill this summer.

I have moved most of my global settings to JAMF policies, scripts and profiles. Working great. But as far as user-speciifc settings...

Im starting to play around with Composer-generated FUT DMGs for some user settings. Never used FUT/FEUs before (always used traditional flat packages etc). Its going farily well thus far. But I am seeing one anomaly that caught my attention.

For some reason, the Documents and Downloads folders in my FUT Dock have the "no access" (red X) icon on them. This is purely cosmetic, beucase the test user accounts actually do have the correct permissions (and they path to the correct ~/folders too). Once I toggle the folder views from "List" to "Stacks" and back to "List" the red X dissapears from the folder's icons. I also think that a reboot (or logging out and back in again) "fixes" this aesthetic issue.


Any idea why the Dock folders are showing an X?

Generally speaking, I use dockutil for managing Dock settings, but in this scenario Im using FUT/FUE DMGs for the purpose to experimenting and learning.

Related question: Why the heck is Photos.app so persistent in new user's Docks? Even Dockutil can't purge it sometimes. Photos.app is more "Sticky" than any other OEM Apple app. What gives?


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I noticed the same behaviors. Appears mostly in 10.11 from what I've observed. I'm trying to move beyond UT approaches, too. I took those "X" elements out of the existing dock.plists that I'm still using for now, and left them to what I'll probably end up configuring docks with down the road-Config Profiles.

In CP testing, I wasn't having the greatest luck with User dock merging, but other than that it appeared to work as advertised. I'll be looking into dockutil, as well.